Kicking the Anthill College Football Rankings



BACKGROUND:The current polling system, whether it admits it or not, seeks to reward the team having the best season as opposed to identifying the best team. For example, if #1 plays #2 and wins the game by two points on a last second field goal, the #2 team would inevitably drop in the polls and some teams behind #2 would move up.If the polls existed to identify the best team, then wouldn’t the game actually VALIDATE the poll? #1 was slightly better than #2. That’s why #2 was #2. Does the game tell us anything about how #2 is relative to the #3 team? No, not in this case. Now, if #1 beat #2 by 30 points that might be a different story.This problem of rewarding the teams having the best season frequently comes into conflict with trying to find the best team and that’s why the BCS was created. It is designed to find the best teams among the many teams having great seasons.


The Kicking the Anthill Ranking System is different. It is designed only to suggest who is the best team right now.We have identified the top 16 teams in the country. The primary criterion is “who is playing the best football today?” In this poll, it is possible to lose and move up–if your play is impressive in a loss. It is also possible to win and drop– if your win is not impressive.Once we’ve identified the best 16 teams we have placed them in brackets in a mock playoff format. The only question is, “would Team A beat Team B if they played TODAY?”Remember it is possible for one team to beat another and still be behind them in the poll. If the win was an upset, the question becomes, could they beat them again.This is NOT an NCAA style bracket where upsets are picked. It goes completely according to form. If we expected one team to beat another (in what would appear to be an upset) they’d be ranked higher and thus there would be no “upset.”

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